Why the iPhone “Night Shift” Update isn’t Perfect

If you recently updated your iPhone software, you will noticed a new “night shift” mode in the the display and brightness settings.

This “night shift” mode is meant to reduce blue light being emitted from your iPhone screen which may be affecting your ability to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep once you fall asleep.

There are plenty of studies now that show that blue light from screens suppresses your melatonin production. As most of us know, melatonin is the primary sleep hormone. If your body fails to produce melatonin at normal levels, because of blue light, your sleep will be greatly affected.

Now why “night shift” isn’t enough. “Night shift” mode is a huge improvement and definitely helps the amount of blue light coming from your screen, but it doesn’t block it all. How do I know? If I am wearing my blue light blocking glasses, and looking at my screen; there is still a big difference in color of the screen with the glasses on versus just looking at the screen with my eyes. This means the entire blue light spectrum isn’t being blocked from emitting from your phone screen and the screen is still most likely affecting your sleep.

I recommend using the “night shift” mode, but still wear your NoBlue blue light blocking glasses to block the excess blue light still being emitted.

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